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How to add the security Widget on my app?
How to add the security Widget on my app?
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Lean What is the Widget or check the Frequently Asked Questions

Activation and renewal

Once you meet all the conditions above, you will need to go on your Flusk dashboard to activate the Widget.

This will generate a Widget valid for 3 months. You can then install the Flusk plugin on your app which will display the "Secured" status for 3 months.

One month before your certificate expires, you will receive a notification to invite you to renew your Widget or meet the conditions again.

Installing and configuring the Widget

1. Activate the Widget

Go to the Flusk dashboard and look for the Security Widget option under Security > Tools & Settings or click on the button below.

On this page, you can check if you meet all the requirements to activate the Widget.

If you meet all the requirements, you can click the button Activate / Renew Widget

2. Install the Widget on your app

Install the Flusk | Security Widget, Monitoring plugin on your app.

Once installed, you will be able to add the Flusk - Security Widget element to your app

The widget will automatically display the security status of your app when the page is rendered.

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