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Exporting a Security Report/Certificate as PDF
Exporting a Security Report/Certificate as PDF

How can I export the results of my tests as a PDF?

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Understanding the Security Report and Certificate in Flusk Vault

The Security Report and Certificate are essential tools for Flusk Vault users who hold an active license. They provide an in-depth review of your application's security status, enabling you to generate a comprehensive PDF file with the following details:

  • Security Report: This feature allows you to export the results of your most recent test as a PDF. The report includes crucial information such as your application's overall security score, the versions it covers, the specific security points addressed, and your compliance level within each security scope (e.g., database, API, etc.).

  • Security Certificate: The Security Certificate serves as an official document, endorsed by Flusk that attests to the security status of your application.

Achieving the "Secured" Status: Requirements and Guidelines

The Security Report and accompanying Certificate are official attestations of your application's current security status. They are available for export regardless of the state of any identified security issues within your application. Should there be any unresolved security issues, the certificate will unambiguously denote that the application is not considered secure. This approach ensures a transparent and accurate representation of your application's security health.

To have your documents affirm your application as "Secured", it's essential to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Your most recent security test must not contain any unresolved issues.

Note: Issues that have been intentionally ignored are not classified as unresolved, although they will be explicitly noted in the documents for complete transparency.

How to Export Documents Without Flusk Branding and Watermark?

According to our terms and conditions, the removal of the Flusk branding and watermark from generated documents is not permitted.

Nonetheless, there may be instances where you require a document without our branding. For such requirements, we offer a white-labelled solution. Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team for more information on this service.

How to Generate a Report

To generate a new report, please follow these steps:


  • Ensure that you have an active Flusk Vault license.

  • The report must be based on a test. Therefore, if you made any changes to your issues since your last test (such as ignoring issues), we recommend running a new test.

Configuration Steps

  1. Navigate to "Tools & More" under the Security tab of your Flusk Vault dashboard and select Certificates.

  2. Click on the "Create a new export" button within "Exports".

  3. In the pop-up window, you can configure your report. Start by selecting the specific test upon which you wish to base your report.
    The wizard lets you see the security overview of each test.

  4. Choose the pages you would like to include within the report.

  5. Additionally, configure the company name and logo that should appear on the report if different from your organization settings.


PDF Reports have the following limitations:

  • You can only generate up to 3 reports per month.

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