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Scheduled Tests in Flusk Vault
Scheduled Tests in Flusk Vault

How can I schedule a test automatically on a regular basis?

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What are Scheduled Tests?

Scheduled Tests automates running new security tests according to a pre-determined schedule.

This feature eliminates the risk of human error and ensures that your system is continuously monitored for any issues.

How to Configure Scheduled Tests

To configure Scheduled Tests, please follow these steps:


  • Ensure that you have an active Flusk Vault subscription.

Configuration Steps

  1. Navigate to "Security" -> "Tools & More" tab of your Flusk Vault dashboard.

  2. Choose "Test Schedule".

  3. Click on the "Add a new schedule" button.

  4. In the pop-up window, you can create a new schedule. You can select from preset options, such as every day or every week, or create a custom recurrence time.

  5. Choose the versions of your application on which you want to run the scheduled test.

  6. Specify the start date for the first test run.

Limitations of Scheduled Tests

Scheduled Tests have the following limitations:

  • You can run up to 5 scheduled tests per application and subscription.

  • Scheduled tests have a minimum recurrence time of 90 minutes to prevent server and infrastructure overload. If you need a shorter recurrence time, please contact our team through the chat feature located in the bottom-right corner.

  • Scheduled tests will not run if they overlap with the minimum recurrence time.

  • Scheduled tests will not run if another automatic test was performed within the last 90 minutes. This includes other scheduled tests, tests on deploy, and tests performed through the API.

  • Scheduled tests will not run if you have manually performed a test within the last 15 minutes.

  • Scheduled tests, like other automatic tests, have lower priority in the queue and may take longer to start and complete.

  • Scheduled tests, like other automatic tests, won't run if your Flusk Vault account was inactive for more than 90 days.

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