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Do I need to give access to Flusk to my app?
Do I need to give access to Flusk to my app?
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You choose!

Flusk Vault is able to function without any collaborator access. However, monitoring won't be available and some security points won't be checked without a collaborator's access. You can find the exact list here.



Without collaborator

❌ Not available

✅ Available (limited)

With collaborator

✅ Available

✅ Available


If you choose to add Flusk as a collaborator, our terms and conditions legally stipulate that the Flusk team cannot access your app or its data without your explicit permission.

Learn more about how we process your app and data.

How to add Flusk

Do you want to benefit from extra security? Learn How to add Flusk as a collaborator to my Bubble app?

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