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Overview of Flusk Vault Security Features
Overview of Flusk Vault Security Features
What security points are covered by Flusk Vault?
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Flusk Vault offers a range of security verifications to ensure your app remains safe and secure. Below are some of the key security points covered by our tool:




Required Permissions

Privacy Rules Definition

Check if Privacy Rules are properly defined for each datatype

🟒 None

Public Sensitive Fields

Check if any sensitive field (eg. user personal data) is not properly protected through Privacy Rules

🟒 None

Database Leaks

Identify database leaks from misconfigured searches on pages, reusable elements and Data API.

🟒 None

Page Access Protection

Check if sensitive pages (admin dashboards,...) have proper redirection.

🟒 None

Bubble API Tokens

Managing internal API token granting full admin permissions.

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Bubble Collaborators

Check for any unauthorized collaborators

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Unsafe Google Maps API token

Check if your public Google Maps key has proper HTTP referrers

🟒 None

API Connector Sensitive Parameter

Check for sensitive parameters in API call (eg. API key, a private unique ID, an endpoint...)

🟒 None

Visible URL in API call

Check for sensitive URLs in API calls.

🟒 None

Backend Workflows Protection

Check if your back-end workflow is publicly exposed.

🟒 None

Sensitive clear data in workflows

Check if you have clear data in a login action.

🟒 None

Assign temp password vulnerability

Check for Temporary password vulnerability to prevent their use in unintended contexts.

🟒 None

Editor Privacy

Check if your app's editor is public to avoid displaying your app's structure (databases, tokens,...)

🟒 None

Password Policy

Make sure your password policy is strong enough to protect your user data.

🟒 None

Swagger Privacy

Check if your Swagger file leaks sensitive information on endpoints, parameters, or the structure of your API response.

🟒 None

Test version protection

Check if your test version is protected by a username/password combination.

🟒 None

Default username/password combination

Check if your username/password combination is not the default combination.

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