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What are Trusted Partner Agencies?
What are Trusted Partner Agencies?
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Agencies have the option of purchasing subscriptions or becoming a Trusted Partner Agency.

Benefits for Trusted Partner Agencies

Our Trusted Partner Agencies benefit from exclusive features and services in exchange for their commitment to using Flusk Vault as part of their Q&A process.

πŸ†• Trusted Agencies can now use Flusk Vault free of charge, forever.

  • Professional training for your team on the Vault tool, in-person and remotely.

  • Dedicated technical support for your developers to ensure any security vulnerabilities are addressed quickly.

  • Flusk Trusted marketing pack, offering advantages for sales and marketing teams.

  • Opportunity to be featured on our Trusted Agencies page, in our communications, and on our blog

  • Access to exclusive content and training for your team

Conditions to become a Trusted Partner Agency

The integration of Flusk Vault into your Q&A process for all development will allow us to ensure that your agency follows secure protocols and delivers secure applications in the ecosystem.

  • Your agency must have at least 2 persons and develop at least 3 apps under its name.

  • All applications must be delivered using Flusk Vault, and all issues raised by the tool must be addressed before apps are released in production.

Apply as a Trusted Partner Agency

Becoming a Trusted Partner Agency is always free of charge.

By joining as a Trusted Partner Agency, you are committing to a partnership with Flusk. This commitment is formalized as a contract between your agency and Flusk, and you can opt out at any time, without any notice or fees.

Interested in joining the program?

Contact our Team using the chat in the bottom-right corner!

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