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How can I use Flusk Vault as an agency?
How can I use Flusk Vault as an agency?

Learn about the benefits of using Flusk Vault as an agency.

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At Flusk, we understand that agencies are on the frontline in the battle for security.

We recognize that, even with a strong understanding and implementation of security practices, human error is an unavoidable reality.

To this end, Flusk is designed to save agencies time and help them build and maintain a strong reputation. Our product offer agencies a range of benefits.

Benefits of using Flusk as an Agency

  • Eliminate the need to develop or maintain a security process for your developments - Flusk Vault is your all-in-one security solution.

  • Save your team valuable development hours due to powerful automation processes.

  • Deliver more secure applications and maintain a strong reputation.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest security vulnerabilities in Bubble: Flusk takes care of monitoring them for you.

  • No need to train team members on security - we provide explicit and detailed content for self-education.

  • Lighten your team's support load - your team can contact us for questions about security.

How Flusk works with Agencies

As an Agency, you can use Flusk for free for all your apps during the development stage.

If you're interested about learning more, please get in touch with us.

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